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An expert on all things related to condos in Calgary, interested in getting as much information as possible out there to anyone who can benefit from it.

Calgary Condo Market Heating Up…

The Calgary housing market is really strong, despite the rest of Canada gradually cooling down when it comes to real estate values.  Take a look at this video: There are more condos like this going up every day.  You can … Continue reading

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Why Condos Are Becoming A More Viable Option For Young People

These days it seems like everyone’s life is on hold.  With the recession, nobody wants to make a huge financial commitment, no matter what that commitment happens to be.  Whether it’s getting married, having kids, or buying a house, everything … Continue reading

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Knowing Which Calgary Condo Is Perfect For You

Choosing a new home is a difficult thing to do, whether you’re looking for a house in suburbia or are looking at condos downtown.  There are a lot of individual factors to consider and you have to be sure that … Continue reading

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